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The Best of the Best

Concert Band Repertoire, 2013

Northwest Music is pleased to offer our top picks for concert band in 2013 along with full-length audio samples (courtesy of the respective publishers).

If you're looking for jazz band music, visit our Best of the Best Jazz Band Repertoire, 2013 page. Our Best of the Best Band Repertoire printable PDF (containing both concert and jazz band picks) is still available for download, as are our Jazz Band Order Form and Concert Band Order Form PDFs.

Our 2012 Jazz Band & Concert Band repertoire & sample pages are still online and available to browse.

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All Through the Night Romeyn 1 Christmas 48.50 More info/Order

Always United, Forever Strong Balmages 4 Overture 82.50 More info/Order

Ancient Carol Variants Bernotas 3.5 Christmas 87.95 More info/Order

Angels of the Apocalypse Gillingham 6 Program 155.00 More info/Order

Arlington Murtha 4 Program 93.95 More info/Order

As Tears Fall on Dawn's New Light Saucedo 2.5 Program 55.50 More info/Order

Blue Ridge Reel Balmages 2.5 Program 60.50 More info/Order

Cakewalk Kay/Longfield 4 Transcription 82.95 More info/Order

Cave of the Winds Dett/Perna 3 6/8 March 85.50 More info/Order

Coney Island Rag Watson 2 Rag 54.95 More info/Order

Curtain Call Wasson 3 Program 83.95 More info/Order

Danse Carnivale Standridge 3.5 Program 76.95 More info/Order

Edifice Barber 2 Overture 65.95 More info/Order

El Camino Real Reed/Longfield 3.5 Paso Doble 77.50 More info/Order

Endless Rainbows Balmages 3 Program 65.95 More info/Order

Fives Prevail!, The Saucedo 3.5 Overture 71.95 More info/Order

From Crystals and Eagles Doss 3 Program 130.00 More info/Order

Grand Opening, A Mitchell 1 Overture 49.50 More info/Order

Hark! The Herald Angel's Swing Sharp 3 Christmas 71.50 More info/Order

Harrison's Dream Graham 6 Program 220.00 More info/Order

Hocus Pocus Syler 3.5 Program 76.95 More info/Order

Host of Freedom March King/Glover 2 Cut-time March 54.95 More info/Order

House of Lords Rogers 1 Overture 43.95 More info/Order

Jingle Blues Fraley 2.5 Christmas 60.50 More info/Order

Kennesaw Mountain Celebration Shaffer 2. Overture 57.50 More info/Order

Laideronette (Mother Goose Suite) Ravel/Beck 4 Transcription 82.50 More info/Order

Landscapes Galante 5 Overture 93.95 More info/Order

Mambo (West Side Story) Bernstein/Sweeney 4 Movie 82.95 More info/Order

Mighty Mite (March) Mesang/O'Loughlin 2.5 Cut-time March 65.95 More info/Order

Noel Night, A Smith 2 Christmas 52.95 More info/Order

Nordic Vision Calhoun 2 Program 54.95 More info/Order

Nulli Secundus Curnow 5 Program 215.00
Mvmt. I (I)
Mvmt. II (II)
Mvmt. III (III)
More info/Order

O Christmas in Three Compello 1.5 Christmas 54.95 More info/Order

Open Road Sheldon 1.5 Overture


More info/Order

Over the Stone Neeck 2.5 Program 57.50 More info/Order

Queen Anne's Revenge Wilds 1.5 Program 49.50 More info/Order

Recognition March Clark 1 2/4 March 49.50 More info/Order

Renaissance Suite Susato/Curnow 3.5 Transcription 66.50 More info/Order

Residium Sweet 3.5 Overture 87.95 More info/Order

Rise Holmquist 1.5 Program 49.50 More info/Order

Rock It Science Buckley 0.5 Program 44.50 More info/Order

Rolling Tough Mixon 0.5 Program 49.50 More info/Order

Salute to the Sultan King/Milford 3.5 March 65.95 More info/Order

Scarborough Fair Boysen, Jr. 4 Program 93.50 More info/Order

Scorpion! Saucedo 1.5 Overture 49.95 More info/Order

Sieze the Day! Johnson 2.5 Overture 57.50 More info/Order

Setting Sail Strommen 4 Program 99.00 More info/Order

Seven Wonders Danner 5 Program 299.00 More info/Order

Shepherd's Hey Balent 2 Program 65.95 More info/Order

Song for Peace, A Swearingen 0.5 Program 46.50 More info/Order

Sounds of Spring Sato/Wada 3 2/4 March 76.95 More info/Order

Sunburst (March) Milford 1.5 March 52.95 More info/Order

Sway Longfield 1.5 Latin 44.00 More info/Order

Symphonie Fantastique Berlioz/Takahashi 6 Transcription 525.00
Mvmt. I (I)
Mvmt. II (II)
Mvmt. III (III)
Mvmt. III (IV)
More info/Order

Teddy Trombone Fillmore/Foster 4 2/4 March 87.95 More info/Order

Uproar Oare 3 Overture 66.50 More info/Order

Voyage to the Edge of the World Neeck 3 Overture 85.95 More info/Order

Whirlybird Stalter 4.5 Program 82.50 More info/Order

Whiteleaf Hill Tucker 2 Overture 60.50 More info/Order
  1. All prices in this catalogue are in Canadian Dollars, current as of August 2013. They are subject to change without notice
  2. Northwest would like to thank Alfred Publishing Co., Daehn Publications, Carl Fischer LLC, FJH Music Company Inc., Grand Mesa Music Publishers, Jalen Publishing, Kendor Music Inc., Neil A. Kjos Music Company, Hal Leonard Publishing Corp., and Ludwig Masters Publications for generously providing us with audio samples. Audio samples are for private evaluative purposes only, and are not intended for public broadcast or performance.

    Audio samples are MP3 files, and will either load in your browser or will prompt you to download and open them in an application of your choice (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player). Because these are full-length clips, they make take some time to download.