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The Best of the Best

Jazz Band Repertoire, 2013

Northwest Music is pleased to offer our top picks for jazz band in 2013 along with full-length audio samples (courtesy of the respective publishers). All clinic titles are available for purchase online.

If you're looking for concert band music, visit our Best of the Best Concert Band Repertoire, 2013 page. Our Best of the Best Band Repertoire printable PDF (containing both concert and jazz band picks) is still available for download, as are our Jazz Band Order Form and Concert Band Order Form PDFs. Our choral picks and order forms are also available (please visit the Choral & Classroom Music page for more info).

Quick Navigation (Level of Difficulty): EasyMedium-Easy | Medium | Medium-AdvancedAdvanced

Elvin and the Hip Monks (VE) Beach/Shutack Easy Rock 46.50 More info/Order

Fiesta del Tigre Story Easy Latin 52.95 More info/Order

It's Only a Paper Moon Sweeney Easy Swing 38.95 More info/Order

Lucky Boy Yasinitsky Easy Bossa 49.50 More info/Order

Mack the Knife Weill / De Rosa Easy Swing 41.95 More info/Order

Top Dog Yasinitsky Easy Up Swing 49.50 More info/Order

Backrow Politics Goodwin/Blair Medium-
Straight 8ths/Tpts 52.95 More info/Order

Few Good Men, A Goodwin/Ford Medium-
Rock March 48.50 More info/Order

Good King Wenceslas Collins/Dowden Medium-
Swing 48.50 More info/Order

Old Devil Moon Stitzel Medium-
Latin Swing 44.50 More info/Order

On Green Dolphin Street Stitzel Medium-
Latin Swing 44.50 More info/Order

Things Ain't What They Used To Be Sigler Medium-
Swing Shuffle 48.50 More info/Order

Bernie's Tune Wolpe Medium Up Swing 52.95 More info/Order

Chili Pepper Christmas, A Beach/Shutack Medium Samba 57.50 More info/Order

Cold Duck Time Morales Medium Funk Rock 52.95 More info/Order

Flik Machine, The Murtha Medium Up Swing 49.95 More info/Order

Glow Green Zvacek Medium Shuffle Funk 57.50 More info/Order

Hangin' With My Peeps Berg Medium Funk 52.95 More info/Order

Mazatlan Strommen Medium Bright Samba 57.50 More info/Order

Message from Westlake Kamuf Medium Swing 52.95 More info/Order

Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise Taylor Medium Samba/Alto 55.50 More info/Order

Told Ya So Goodwin Medium Modal Swing 52.95 More info/Order

Autumn in Rome Mossman Medium-Advanced Bolero/Alto 55.50 More info/Order

Garaje Gato Goodwin Medium-Advanced Latin Combo 49.50 More info/Order

Gentle Rain Bonfa/Berg Medium-Advanced Bossa/Solo 60.50 More info/Order

Seesaw Beach Medium-Advanced Up Swing 61.95 More info/Order

Way We Were, The Taylor Medium-Advanced Ballad/Tbn 55.50 More info/Order

Zebrano Neu Medium-Advanced Afro-Cuban 57.50 More info/Order

Everlasting Goodwin Advanced Straight 8th Ballad 71.50 More info/Order

Freedom Jazz Dance Richards Advanced Funk 60.50 More info/Order

On Green Dolphin Street Goodwin Advanced Swing/Piano 76.95 More info/Order

Things to Come Gillespie/Goodwin Advanced V. Fast Swing 76.95 More info/Order

Waltz for Patrice, A Taylor Advanced Jazz Waltz 66.50 More info/Order
  1. All prices in this catalogue are in Canadian Dollars, current as of August 2012. They are subject to change without notice
  2. Northwest would like to thank Alfred Publishing Co., Daehn Publications, Carl Fischer LLC, FJH Music Company Inc., Grand Mesa Music Publishers, Jalen Publishing, Kendor Music Inc., Neil A. Kjos Music Company, Hal Leonard Publishing Corp., and LudwigMasters Publications for generously providing us with audio samples. Audio samples are for private evaluative purposes only, and are not intended for public broadcast or performance.

    Audio samples are MP3 files, and will either load in your browser or will prompt you to download and open them in an application of your choice (such as iTunes or Windows Media Player). Because these are full-length clips, they make take some time to download.